Ready Protein Powder, Chocolate

25 g protein; 0 g added sugar; 120 calories. Certified Gluten-Free. 100% whey protein. 7 simple ingredients. A clean and great tasting protein powder. Simple isn't always easy - especially when it comes to producing a clean and great tasting protein powder. It was our biggest product development challenge we've taken on as a company. Why-the science behind creating the perfect powder is a methodical process. It requires nothing less than perfection to achieve a strong nutritional profile with a taste that makes you want to shake every drop out of your cup. It will leave you feeling satisfied: feeling strong, yet it doesn't make you feel lull Well - we nailed it. We accomplished all of those things with only 7 ingredients - yes 7 ingredients! And with 100% whey protein - you'll notice isolate is our number one ingredient. And the best part is there's nothing artificial. It's an all-natural, gluten free combination of simple ingredients with a light and smooth taste you'll want to drink every day. Here's to living clean! - Pat Cavanaugh, Founder and Clean Eating Fanatic. Contents sold by weight not volume. NSF: Certified Sport. For questions, comments and suggestions contact us at 412.939.3399 or at Made in the USA.