Oxigen Distilled Water

Distilled water with activated stabilized oxygen. Oxygen-enhanced to replenish + restore. By fusing two O2 molecules to create the O4 molecule, Oxigen water goes beyond hydration. With 100 times more oxygen (Bio-available oxygen supplement, 1,000 PPM per bottle as measured by an ORP Meter). than regular water, it instatly replenishes your brain, body and spirit. Who knew science could be so refreshing? Hydrate with purpose. Faster recovery. All natural. Source: Municipal water source. www.DrinkOxigen.com. For a report on water quality and information: Formula Four Beverages (USA) Inc. 424-284-2177 info(at)DrinkOxigen.com. 100% rPET. Recycled plastic bottle. Please recycle again BPA free. Product of USA.