Olay Golden Aura Youth Essence, 0.5 oz.

Sold exclusively online for skin care insiders like you, Olay Golden Aura Youth Essence delivers active skin cell resilience in 1 use. This trending beauty serum in Asia features the latest skin care innovation from Olay: Golden Yeast Peptide. Golden yeast extract with 100+ peptides activates the protein in cells to boost skin’s natural ability to regenerate. This unique formula paired with Vitamin B3 replenishes collagen and delivers 24 hours of hydration. To use this skin essence, add it to your daily regimen after cleansing — simply pump 1-2 times & gently pat on face and neck to deliver powerful ingredients to the deepest layers of your skin. This facial essence acts like a power-packed vitamin and peptide antidote. YOUTH ESSENCE: Delivers active skin surface resilience in 1 use for showstopping skin KOREAN-INSPIRED SERUM: Smooth & silky serum that instantly melts into skin, delivering soothing hints of lotus GOLDEN YEAST PEPTIDE: Like a super food for skin, it combines golden yeast extract & 100+ peptides to improve skin surface regeneration & strengthen skin’s barrier with Vitamin B3 & 24 hours of hydration SECRET PREP STEP: After cleansing, pump 1-2 times & gently pat onto face and neck — no rinsing required ACTIVE SKIN SURFACE REGENERATION: Boosts skin’s natural ability to regenerate flawlessly & delivers 24 hours of hydration TAKE HOME GOLD: This trending essence in Asia is the only Olay essence with golden yeast extract — an exclusive new ingredient that provides active skin regeneration