Masontops Plastic Screw Bands, Tough Band, 4 Pack

Fits wide mouth mason jars. (Mason jar & discs not included). Rust-proof and reusable mason jar screw bands! A screw band for everyday use. Mason jars are now used for so much more than canning, but the traditional tin screw band is not. Prone to rust and warping, tin screw bands have a limited lifespan and functionality. Enter tough bands. Tough bands are made of durable, food-safe plastic that will never rust or warp from liquids or the dishwasher. They're compatible with any mason jar disc lid and have faceted sides for easy removal. Store leftovers, dry food, household items, ferments, and so much more! Compatible Masontops Products: pickle pipes, chalk tops, coffee caps, sili seals, kombucha lids. Not for heat processing or canning. Durable, rust-proof screw bands. Perfect for storing food, liquids and fermenting. Replaces rusty tin screw bands. Easily twists in on and off. Fits any wide mouth mason jar. Use with standard discs of any mason jar brand. Dishwasher safe & BPA-free plastic. Connect with us (hashtag)masontops. Facebook. Instagram. Youtube. Made in China.