Masontops Mason Jar Sprouting Lid, Bean Screen, Wide Mouth, 2 Pack

Fits wide mouth mason jars. (Mason jar not included). Grow healthy, safe & delicious sprouts! Grow healthy, safe & delicious sprouts. Bean screen sprouting lid turn mason jars into the perfect environment for growing safe, delicious and healthy sprouts, right on your kitchen counter. Sprouts only take a couple of days grow and are loaded with nutrients. Grows any kind of sprout, like broccoli, alfalfa, radish, bean and mung beans. Included access to a digital recipe book with step-by-step instructions for beginners. Super boost salads, smoothies, sandwiches & more. Step-by-step instructions included. Simple & safe bean sprouting. Fits any wide mouth mason jar. Grows any type of sprout. BPA free & food safe. Rest jar on pegs to drain water. Inverted spout for splash-free rinsing. Flat sides for anti-roll design. Bean screen sprouting lids for wide mouth mason jars. Connect with us (Hashtag)masontops. Facebook. Instagram. Youtube. BPA-free. Made in China.