Gatorade G Zero Lemon Lime Thirst Quencher (12 - 20 Fluid Ounce) 240 Fluid Ounces 12 Pack Plastic Bottles

Developed for athletes that prefer a low-sugar, low-calorie alternative. Gatorade Zero has no sugar while maintaining the same proven hydration benefits of Gatorade Thirst Quencher. With three refreshing flavors to keep you in the game, you can tailor your training and nutrition to your taste. When you sweat, you lose more than water. Losses in fluids and electrolytes can negatively impact performance. Gatorade Zero contains critical electrolytes to help replace what’s lost in sweat. You’re always an athlete, regardless of where you are in your training season and schedule. For those times when you don’t need the carbs, Gatorade Zero offers flexibility, allowing you to personalize your nutrition to fit your current needs. The minimal calorie content of Gatorade Zero complements your nutritional efforts throughout your training phases, offering flexibility when customizing your caloric intake. Lemon-Lime flavor Includes twelve 20 oz bottles