Equate Readers Lily Blue +1.00 Reading Glasses with Case

Thank you for checking out the Equate Readers collection! Perhaps you are shopping for a trendy person and are looking for a pair of fashionable reading glasses at an affordable price that fit his or her current, contemporary style. Or maybe you’re shopping for yourself today, looking for a pair of fashionable reading glasses with unique detailing and coloration. Maybe you’re someone who uses reading glasses every day and values fashion as much as function, and you want stylish readers that are inexpensive but not cheaply made. No matter the scenario, look no further! You’ve come to the right place! Equate Readers are in a class of their own! This diverse reading glass collection features dozens of styles for both men and women in an array of diopters to suit all vision needs. Plastic styles feature durable polycarbonate. Metal styles are thin and lightweight, yet sturdy and strong. The collection offers a variety of lens types as well, all of which include Level A acrylic lens material. Equate Readers are the perfect choice for anyone seeking great, long-lasting quality and unbeatable value. Please be sure to shop our other Equate Readers styles. These reading glasses are more than meets the eye! These reading glasses are designed for the fashionable and sophisticated woman. Beautifully embellished, featuring a stunning blue frame and striped interior, they are also inclusive of spring hinges for added comfort and flexibility! These reading glasses feature scratch-resistant lenses made from Level A acrylic that offer UV protection with the utmost clarity! No need to settle for flimsy, inferior readers! The Equate Readers collection offers quality reading glasses in a variety of powers to suit your unique eyewear needs.