Only The Best Beer At Northland Foods

The best beer at Northland Foods

Our Seasonal Favorites

Freshly harvested wheat and locally–grown fruits create a variety of thirst–quenching brews in the hotter months.


A German–style wheat beer brewed for a crisp, smooth flavor and fruity/spicy esters like banana and clove.

Frankenmuth’s Hefeweizen Ale, a fruity brew with banana notes and a hint of clove and citrus. A refreshingly pale south German-style wheat ale that is unfiltered and lightly hopped to achieve a smooth, pleasant flavor and signature cloudy appearance. Great with fruit, cheeses, seafood and sushi.


Wheat beer brewed with raw, unmalted wheat, orange peel, coriander and a special Belgian yeast strain.


Unique French/Belgian style, characterized by a citrusy fruitiness, a slight peppery flavor, and a noticeable tartness. This beer is enhanced by wheat, spelt, honey or spices.


If it’s a local fruit harvested in a Midwest summer, it has probably found its way into one of these light and refreshing beers. Two or more fruits can be combined for various effects.

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