Weekly Specials At Northland Foods

The Best From Around The World

Shop our beer, wine and liquor departments for extraordinary variety and value. Some products carry our private labels, others carry the labels they wear in their native lands, but all are exclusively ours in the U.S. So now you can raise a glass to "Incredible Value Every Day".

  • Beer

    The best beer at Northland Foods

    Our beers are sourced from Holland, Germany, and Latin America, as well as right here in Michigan. We also search for the best in local and craft varieties. Be sure to check often to see what's new!

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  • Wine

    The best wine at Northland Foods

    Our wines come from all of the world's best wine-producing regions: Germany, France, Spain, California, Argentina, Chile, and Australia, as well as award-winning domestic varieties.

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  • Liquor

    The best liquor at Northland Foods

    Experience no risk shopping. We sell all of our liquor at the lowest liquor prices allowed by the state. That means that you won't need to go anywhere else to find it cheaper!

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